This is a deposit to start a custom knife for 2021. The price ranges vary, but a baseline is listed below.


This starts the process of us working together to design your knife specifically for you. We will work out exactly what your knife will be. Throughout the process we will communicate through each step so you can follow along with the journey of your knife takes to get into your hands and onto your board.


Knife Types: Chef Knife ($400+), Gyuto ($400+), Slicers ($400+), Petty/Utility ($350+), & Paring ($300+)


Blade Material: High Carbon Steel (15n20, 52100 or 80crv2) or Stainless (AEB-L)


Handle Material: Stabilized woods, dyed woods, classical woods, micarta, g-10, hybrid resin, and more.


*Please allow 6-8 weeks for your knife to be ready.


Limited spots are available. 


*Additional costs may arise during the design phase as some requested materials, designs, and specifications are not all created equal.

2021 Custom Order - Deposit