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About MacKenzie

I'm MacKenzie Arrington, chef and knife creator. I make one-of-a-kind culinary knives designed to look like a show pony and perform like a workhorse. I make the knife I would want to use.

I got into knifemaking because I wanted to create something that is tangible, useful and also beautiful. As a Chef, I looked at what has been there with me every step of the way, that allows me to do what I do, what every professional and home cook needs, and what should be a life long companion in your journey through food, your knife.


I believe that a meal is a fleeting memory but the experience is what remains, a knife that is there for each and every time is like a friend that shares the story alongside you. This is why I use high carbon steels, which develop a beautiful patina that tells your food story right on the blade. (preserve your story by checking out the knife care page)


Cooking: The Culinary Institute of America

Knifemaking: Blood, sweat, and tears.

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