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I'm doing a fundraiser to improve the workshop and replace some wear and tear from busting out some badass blades for you all. Speaking of badass blades, I am accepting donations in increments of $20. The goal is 30 donations. When the goal is reached, I will pick a random donor and GIFT them "Olive" as a thank you. You can select the number of donations you'd like to make, there is not limited per person, each one counts as "one donation ticket", and each donation ticket will be entered in individually and is considered eligible to receive the gift. Pretty simple right?


I will run a random selection generator from the list of generous donors, and present you with "Olive" as a gift for your charitable donation! It's Christmas in September right? Why not be charitable and potentially get yourself a gift that keeps on giving.


Gift Details: Keeping it all natural...


Blade: 52100 High Carbon Steel HRC@ 61.


Handle: Stabilized Olive Wood.


Notes:  4" blade length, 1" heel height. Reverse S-grind (Flat grind with convex grind at the edge for edge support and smooth food release)


Bonus: Custom Matching Olive Wood Saya cover & free shipping in the US.


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